If you’ve been to my website before, you know that this has been the thing I’ve offered for a while.  When I went to update it, I knew I wanted to offer you something a lot better but wanted you to still be able to find it, should you need it!  So without further ado, here it is! Enjoy!

There is no need to go out and by expensive massage oils when you can make your own blends at home.  This is one of my favorite recipes.



5 drops rosemary

3 drops lavender

3 drops roman chamomile

3 drops lemon

3 drops peppermint

1 ounce sweet almond oil



1 glass bottle: You can google “essential oils bottle” or use something you already have around your house.  Try to avoid plastic as it will soak up the oils.


Pour in the essential oils and shake to blend them.  Then, add in the Almond Oil and shake well. Easy, peasy!


Apply a small amount to the palm of your hand and massage gently into sore and tired muscles.

* If you need to buy the oils you can contact me for purchase.

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