How many times have you come home from work tired & stressed out, aching, and grumpy?  You look online and your massage therapist is closed.  Great.  Now what?  You look to your partner!  The result?  You usually get a 5 minute shoulder rub and then they want you to work on them.

Is there another solution?

A couple of questions I always get:

*Who can I bring with me?
– You can bring anyone you’d like: Your mom, your best friend, your boyfriend, fiance, husband- you get the point.  As long as they’re human, as we haven’t branched out into small animal massage just yet (and yes, that’s a thing.)

*Is there a deposit required?
-Yes, I require a $50 deposit to hold your spot.

*Do you offer group classes?
-Yes!  It doesn’t have to be a one-on-one class.  I will come to your location and we can teach up to 10 couples at a time.

*Are the classes just for people who can come to your office?
-No!   We are offering online and in person options!  I can also come out to your home or business, etc to teach the class.

*What do I get?

Online you get:
-2 hour class total
-45 minutes on the table for each person
-This can be split into two sessions
-Stretching PDF to help make the effects last longer
-Totally private class!

In Person you get:
-2 hour class total
-45 minutes on the table for each person
-Stretching PDF to help make the effects last longer
-Free gift from our Retail line
-Totally private class!

*How much does it cost?
In person: $175
Online: $150
*A $50 deposit is required to book. Group rates are available!

*How can I book my class?
​-For questions or to book: text me at (423) 710-5761, message me on Facebook or E-Mail me at

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