For less than the price of lunch you can get fit, no tips required! ūüôā

Here’s what you need to know:

  • It’s $120¬†for the complete course.
  • It’s an 8 week course.
  • Registration is¬†now open!¬† We have¬†8¬†spots open this round.
  • We are working with a local personal trainer to help teach this course.
  • Classes will start on¬† June 12th¬† ¬†and end on¬† July 31st, just in time for school to start back.
  • We meet¬† ¬†twice¬† ¬†a week.¬† These days will be voted on by the people¬† who sign up to work best for their schedule.
  • Classes will vary from¬† ¬†45-60¬† ¬†¬†minutes in length.
  • We won’t be able to provide child care at this time, unfortunately,¬† ¬†but¬† ¬†¬†we would¬† ¬†¬†¬†love to see your little one out there with you.¬† ¬†You can bring your child with you for a¬† one time $10¬† ¬†up-charge for the whole program!
  • The classes will include a warm up, your¬† ¬†walk/jog/run, followed by alternating core and balance exercises, and then a cool down.¬† You will also get to be a part of our free Facebook group for a year!
  • A portion of the proceeds will go to¬† ¬†charity.¬† ¬†We have three charities we work with and that will be voted on by the participants which they want to donate to this time.
  • You will¬† sign a¬† ¬†liability¬† ¬†waiver, assuming all liability for you and your child should they join us.
  • All¬† ¬†participants will get 15% off all retail at Mad Hatter Massage and Wellness as well as discounts on massage and spa services to help keep your¬† recovery going!

All you need is a bottle of water (at least one) for each class and a decent¬† attitude and we can get you going!¬† We’d love to have you and are looking so forward to launching this and encouraging our community to get fit outdoors!

To sign up contact Mattie at (423) 710-5761!

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