I hear this often.  “I want a massage but the only time I would be able to is on my lunch hour.  Would it still benefit me to come?”

The answer is yes!    But, before you get too excited,  there are some pros & cons that come with booking that 30 minute session!



One: Time:  That’s right!   Pop by on your lunch break and get your much needed time!

Two: Focus:  This is why I only offer shorter sessions such as our “Stress Busters” where you get 30 minutes on your neck, back and shoulders or problem area.  This allows me to spend time simply working with the area that is bothering you.

Three: Frequency: with shorter sessions, generally, you can come more frequently.  

Four: Office & Home: Remember, we can even come to your office or home and set up right there for you!  This cuts out your commute and is always a big hit with your coworkers and family!



One:  You have to curb your expectations.  

 A full body massage is hard to fit into a full hour, and unless you are just looking to relax, you may feel more rushed than anything.

Two: We usually focus on stretching or body work- rarely ever both.  

In our longer sessions, we focus on moving your joints and adding in stretching as an add on to our body work to keep your muscles in an elongated state.    In a shorter session, we will keep the focus either primarily on stretching or body work, though you will still get a bit of both.

Three: “It’s over already?”

I hear this after every mini session (and sometimes after our hour long sessions as well!)  I tell them “it’s the shortest, longest 30 minutes of your life.”

Four: Price-Value Ratio

To be honest,  this is a bit like those teeny-tiny mini Cokes they sell.  I really just want a 2 liter, but since I know I’ll drink the whole thing (probably at one time), I settle for the smaller sizes.    This just depends on your goals from the sessions.

Five:  Massage is like bathing

It will take more sessions to get to your goal.  Like any other therapy, massage is cumulative of effort on both our parts.  This is like knowing that working out once a month won’t make you stronger and taking a medication once a month won’t make you better when the doctor has prescribed it daily.  

According to the Florida Acupuncture Massage College:

It has been shown that the psychological and physiological state of patients with tension headache improves within 24 hours after receiving a 30-minute massage, according to University of Granada researchers.

Tension headaches are conventionally treated with analgesics that relieve symptoms temporarily. One of the main causes of this type of headache is the presence of trigger points. A 30-minute massage on cervical trigger points improves autonomic nervous system regulation in patients with headaches. Patients exhibit a better psychological state and show significant reductions in the stress and anxiety associated with this disorder.


So what do I want you to take away from this?

  • It is okay to make yourself a priority!
  • You don’t have to receive a 2 hour (though those are heavenly) massage to get benefits.
  • We are open during your lunch hour to accommodate you and can even come to your office!


Come see what difference 30 minutes can make here at Mad Hatter & Wellness by booking your appointment today!

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