I get asked all the time how to make the benefits of your sessions last longer.  One of my favorite ways is to stretch!

I scoured the internet and finally found 11 of the top best stretches you can do at any fitness level and to sweeten the deal a little more, they’re all stretches you can do at your desk without disturbing your workmates.

Click the image below to snag your copy!

My beautiful cousin decided to pop in and help out with the demos, and don’t worry, she’s much more flexible than me too.

I love this excerpt from a blog that Sarah Stevenson posted in November of 2017, mostly because it makes me giggle, but also because it’s true: “Desks are good for a lot of things: Attracting clutter,supporting massive towers of loose papers, providing context for Dilbert jokes. But desks also have a dark side.”

The dark side she’s talking about?  The pain it can cause from sitting for prolonged periods of time.  Think that switching to your standing desk will help you? Think again!

When you switch to a standing only desk, you’re trading your shoulder & low back pain for pain in your feet & legs.  

So what is the best solution?

  • Switch to a half and half system.  Make sure you are optimizing sitting and standing at your desk throughout the day, if that’s an option for you.
  • Get up and move!  Even if it’s just walking a lap around the office, make sure that you’re moving.
  • Utilize the stretching PDF, no matter what kind of desk situation you have.
  • And of course, see your favorite massage therapist!  Remember, we offer 3 different choices: in studio, in home, and of course: in office!


Don’t forget to download the PDF before you go and comment below to let us know which one you’re looking most forward to trying!

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