What do you do when your remote dies?

What do you do when your car won’t start?

What do you do when you turn on your flashlight but there’s no light?

What do you do when your phone dies? Or your fitbit?

What do you do when your child’s irrationally irritating toy stops making noises? (Okay, so one of these is not like the other, but you get the point.)


You recharge the batteries! We’ve all heard the saying “you can’t pour from an empty cup”, but it has a different meaning for all of us.

And in honor of National Women’s Day, let’s talk about some simple ways to recharge and reset, without having to spend a ton of money, or any at all. Some of these suggestions were taken from friends when asked what they do to help get themselves through one of those days.


We’ve compiled a list of 20 different things you can do to recharge and reset!

1.) Get a massage.  Come on, you knew this was going to be top of my list!

2.) Take a warm bath with epsom salt.  Make sure the bath is not too hot, and pour the salts in after your bath is run.   You’re going to want to soak for about 30-40 minutes to let the salt take full effect.

3.) Exercise!  Some of you are rolling your eyes, but this doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym and lifting weights.  Go outside, stretch at your desk, walk around the block; there are tons of ways to adapt this to you and your lifestyle!

4.) Paint your nails.  For some reason this is one of the quickest, low-key ways that I can make myself feel good.

5.) Go to the gun range!

6.) Soak up some sun!  There’s nothing like being outside on a warm day!  Garden, run, walk, hike, or just sit there in it. Vitamin D is  Vitamin D!

7.) Go to your local college that offers esthetician & cosmetology services and let them wash and style your hair, get a facial or a pedicure!

8.) Take a nap!  One of my personal favorites.  Set yourself an alarm for 20-30 minutes and take a little cat nap.

9.) Eat something healthy.  This always makes me feel so much better!  Healthy eating and/or drinking all my water for the day really helps keep me charged.

10.) Diffuse some essential oils.  If you don’t have a diffuser, you can always drop some in a bowl around the house if you’re going to be in a room for a bit.

11.) Go to the aquarium.  We have one right in our city and there’s nothing more relaxing for me than walking around in the dark, or sitting in our butterfly enclosure.

12.) Turn on some music and have a dance party!  Dance around for a few songs and let your body get moving!

13.) Read a book or a magazine. No one’s going to judge you if your choice is tabloids! 🙂

14.) Meditate.

15.) Go to a yoga class.  Most gyms offer your first class for free!

16.) Grab some ice cream from your local ice cream shop.

17.) Call an old friend and spend some time chatting and catching up.

18.) Go see a movie.

19.) Spend some time journaling.  You can find a ton of prompts on Pinterest to help get you started.

20.) Drink some wine!  If wine isn’t your thing, try tea or cocoa.  Just let yourself be still for a few minutes.


These are the top 20 things we came up with but we’d love to hear all your ideas!  Comment below and tell us your favorite self care ritual!

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