13 Mantras: WHY


For those of you wondering where 13 mantras came from, I want to tell you a story.  It started as a late night, what we call passion project, that just sort of accidentally formulated and then lit a fire under me in ways that I couldn’t see coming.


I was working on my social media scheduling and doing about 15 other things at once, which if you know me is pretty constant. I was searching for daily hashtags that I knew would not only relate to my clients but to me and where I wanted my business to go as well.  One of which was Mantra Mondays.


It jumped out at me and I stopped to consider it.  I had never used a daily mantra but there was something I read when I was first starting out that stuck with me.  “Progress not perfection.” Interestingly enough, this is a mantra. Surprise!


Whenever I felt stuck or I knew that a project was taking me twice as long (if not more) than it should have been, I fell back to this.  Done is better than nothing, progress not perfection, keep moving forward- you get the idea.


So I started looking for other mantras like that.  I needed 13 to make my marketing plan work. I combed through article after article after article for what felt like hours (it was.)  And I found 13 of the ones that pulled and tugged the way the idea did and wrote them down.


Then I knew I needed to theme them around something.  And in talking with a friend that I adore who also owns her own business and has some amazing kiddos, the idea started to evolve.  


I love supporting women, especially women who own their own business and raise their children, and I thought about the communities I was in that are full of these women who amaze me each day and how I wanted to connect with them personally and for my clients as well.


So I started interviewing them.  It’s one o’clock in the morning and I’d been working on this nonstop and the stories started pouring in.  When I tell you that I was sitting at my desk, tears streaming down my face, in awe of these women… I can’t tell you the way these stories moved me but I hope they will move you the same.  


There’s so much negativity in the world and I wanted to help spread a little joy.  I hope that one of these stories resonates with you and can help light a fire under you as they did me!


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