One of the second women who fell in love with the project was Elizabeth.  In following her on social media, I knew that this project would be just right for her!

When Elizabeth and I connected, she was such a positive soul that it was easy to see the Sunshine coming through, even with having never met her in person.  She’s so fun to follow, so make sure that you do!

All is well and life is unfolding as it should.
This resonates with me the most and mainly because I worked my butt off to finally come to a stage in my life, where I can SURRENDER It ALL and TRUST That everything is fantastic and everything is unfolding in divine timing.
I used to be very impatient and very unsure of myself and my talents, always questioning if, in fact, I was “ good enough “ to do what my soul was calling me to do.
For the last 6 Years of Intense Personal and Soulful Development, I am NOW healing through my past that has enabled me to create my future.
I believe that we are all destined for GREATNESS and that we all have the POWER to Rewrite Our Futures and Start Living Our Lives Like We Are Works of ART.
Everything We Need is Within US ALL.
I AM a LIGHT Your Soul on Fire Spiritual Creative Coach & Intuitive Graphic Designer. I LIVE & BREATHE Anything That Involves Creation For Myself or My Clients. I AM Also a Mama of 4 & Married To My Husband / Partner in Crime of 17 Years.
FUN FACT. I Am a Car Lover, a Corvette Lover To Be Exact. I Have What You Call OCD – Obsessive Corvette Disorder. In The Near Future I Want To Gift My Husband One, As It is His Favorite Car As Well.
You can find her at

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