Wednesday, February 17th is the National Random Act of Kindness Day and I wanted to share some of the best resources I’ve found that help get our little ones involved! 


I love volunteering and giving my time and resources to the community and I think that it’s important to set the example for our kids as well.  As a bonus, these activities are all low or no cost and can provide valuable quality time. 


I compiled a list of my favorite 40 and made some cute bingo cards.  And as always, I want you to participate!   Send me your Bingo cards at the end of the day and we will apply credits to your account, to be used however you wish!  (Bonus: you can definitely donate the credit to someone else 😉 )


Two different BINGO Cards:

But if you need more ideas we’ve got plenty of resources to share with you!  


The first link is which provides over 200 ideas for acts of kindness!  That’s a lot to choose from. 


One of my personal favorites (and my daughter’s) are the Kindness Potions:


These secret kindness notes are super cute and easy to make:


Here are some printable Happy Notes you can print and leave around to make someone’s day!


Here’s a blog about 20 ways to bring kindness to the Workplace (for those of us who have returned to an office environment!)


Another blog about 33 no cost ways to spread kindness:


One of my favorite posts I found was for a free printable Siblings Love Sheet:


And the link for 50 Kindness Acts specifically for kids:


I hope you guys enjoy these and can’t wait to see what y’all do with them! 

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