Service Name Length of Time Cost
Mad Hatter Massage 30 minutes $40
Customizable 60 minutes $70
Results Based 90 minutes $120
Massage Therapy 2 hours $150
3 hours $225
Stretching Sessions 15 minutes $25

Postural Evaluation:

30 minutes $25
Kinesiotaping $10 per area


Service Name  Length of Time  Cost
Facial Massage 15 minutes $25
Ear Candling 45 minutes $30
Ionized Detox Foot Bath 30 Minutes $35
Sugar Scrubs 30 Minutes $30
Alignment Check $5
Hair & Scalp Mask $15
Soothing Back Mask $20
Soothing Face Mask $20
Hot Packs $5
Paraffin Dips (hands or feet) $10
Paraffin Strips $10
Peppermint Foot Rub $15


We start with a detox  tea & hair and scalp mask and facial massage, then move to your full body massage, adding in a mud wrap with dry brushing, ear candling, and end with an ionized foot detox!

With 30 Minute Massage: $175

With 60 Minute Massage: $200


For indecisive clients like myself who want to try it all!

We start with a 30 minute full body session followed by an alignment check, some light stretching, and a paraffin hand dip. Then you go into our salon area and you will get an aromatherapy foot soak and your choice of a sugar scrub or peppermint foot rub!



For clients who want to pamper themselves with several hours at the spa! This package is customizable!

We start with a 60 minute massage, adding in dry brushing for your back and our new hair mask. This session also includes some light stretching, range of motion checks and a body wrap of your choosing followed by a detoxifying foot bath!


Bridal Packages

From all inclusive to massage day of wedding. We have a package for eveyr bride. Please contact Mattie directly for more information and pricing.