You’ve seen them, all over the place, Massage chairs and people giving chair massages.  A lot of people think it’s like I was growing up, all knees and mostly elbows. However, when you come to Mad Hatter Massage, something different happens.

When you first come in, we talk a little about what’s going on, no matter if you’re getting on the table or the chair.  I ask some questions and then if you want me to I demonstrate how to sit on the chair and adjust it to your comfort.

We start with compression on your back:

Then we move to your problem areas.  For most people getting a chair massage, it’s their neck and shoulders.  80% of the world carries their stress in their shoulders.

Once we’ve used your allotted time addressing your issues- times start at 5 minutes and go to 20 in the chair- comes my favorite part!


I use a resistive stretch to help relax and elongate the muscles.  What this means is I take your arm to the brink of where your muscles are comfortable and you push your elbow in against my forearm.  You feel an immediate difference and who doesn’t love that?!

This is what a general chair massage at Mad Hatter Massage looks like! Be on the look out for more “Ever Wondered” posts from me to show you our different services!

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