Recently, in my community of Licensed Massage Therapist friends, we asked this question: “What do you wish your clients knew?”

We compiled a list for you!

“I don’t offer sensual/happy ending services. I spent a lot of money going to school, taking a state test, and becoming licensed in my state to provide legitimate services to clients who want to feel better, move better, and live better.  Also, I’m sorry, but there’s not enough money in the world.”

“DON’T COME IN SICK! You risk feeling worse, getting the therapist (who doesn’t get sick days) sick, and worst if someone with an immune disorder comes in afterwards they could get more than just a cold!”

“Don’t stare at your therapist while face up please! LOL”

“Body hair is okay whether on a man’s back or a lady’s legs …don’t let it be an excuse to not to get a massage and don’t be embarrassed!”

Ladies if you didn’t shave your legs I don’t care. You don’t have to wear leggings for your massage. Lol

It’d be nice to know if you’re on your period, mostly since the body is so different when on a period and may need a different approach to be most comfortable. Also don’t need to apologize for not shaving! I sometimes say that it’s ok, I didn’t either lol. It’s not a big deal and I do not mind it at all.

“That this is your (the client’s) time. If you want no music, rock music, the A/C on, the heat turned up, need to use the restroom– whatever. Please ask, the work is more effective if you are comfortable.

That it’s okay to refer other people to me, I feel like I’m this well kept secret so they don’t lose their time slots.”

Deep Tissue doesn’t automatically mean Deep Pressure. And muscle therapy doesn’t have to be painful (aside from a little discomfort). Acute pain has no place in massage therapy!”

We use sheets and linens to drape you and we will work ethically and professionally. I don’t care if you are nude under the sheets or wearing full plate armor, I’ll do the best I can for you in the time we have.”

As long as you are in my treatment room, all time and energy is about you and your comfort. You do not need to help me. You do not need to apologize. You do not need to worry about what I think about your cellulite, body hair, etc. I am here to be of service to your body’s soft tissue dysfunction; I am not criticizing or comparing your body to any beauty/fitness standards. It’s an honor for you to choose me to work on your body.”

Come regularly, and we can help you keep the aches and pains away. When you come only when you can’t stand the discomfort in your body, every visit is like a first time, and we stay all over. Come within about four weeks, And it is easier on you and we can accomplish more for you.

Poison oak and massage therapy don’t mix!!!”

“Don’t take sleeping pills and laxatives at the same time.”

We are not mind readers, please let us know when you like something we are doing and most definitely let us know if you (((really))) don’t like something we are doing.

All bodies are unique and beautiful the way they are. Do not apologize for the scars or the cellulite or the body hair. We (professional massage therapists) don’t care and do not judge you.

How much I appreciate them trusting me as their therapist.”

“That we don’t get paid for no shows.

“We don’t judge your body, we want to make you feel better, so we may assess, but never judge.”

“Not to come for a massage if they have not showered. Personal hygiene is a real must.”

“That they can ask for what they want! I am more than happy to change things up to meet clients needs, but sadly I am not a mind reader!  And keep your eyes closed when I am working on your neck…creeps me out haha”

“I wish they knew that we want them to speak up during their treatment and not wait until the end!! I want to know if you want more pressure, less heat, don’t want the bolster, etc etc!”

“I wish all my clients realized that the only way to release trigger points is to apply pressure on them, therefore, it momentarily hurts but feels so much better afterwards!”

“Yes. You have to fill out everything on the intake form.

No I can’t massage you if you don’t sign the form.

100% do not touch me, ever, not even on the arm.

I’m probably going to mess your hair up unless you tell me not to touch it.

Your hair will get oil in it if your neck is your top priority.

No my hands don’t get sore. My forearms and neck just get tight.

Fake tan and massage don’t mix.

Fresh nail polish and massage don’t mix.

If you answer your phone I’m going to stop massaging you until you are done… to not be rude.

Don’t confuse my kindness and on-point listening skills as a means to flirt.

I don’t offer other/ sensual services.

If you’re late there’s a good chance you won’t get an hour session.”


Bottom line?  We love our clients and want to get you the best treatment possible!

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