Somebody asked me my personal story to explain my connection with my business. A lot of times I will say it started when I was pregnant and I got my first professional massage, and that’s true! But….

When I started Mad Hatter, I didn’t truly have a direction.  I just wanted to help people. By my second year in business, I realized that I couldn’t be everything to everyone.  I wanted my clients to get what they needed. And so I took some time to figure out what I was the best at, what I could give my clients that no one else could.

I was tired of working out all the time and having to push through pain. I was tired of not getting the most out of my workouts because I wasn’t recovering and my DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) kicking my butt DAYS after my workouts. I was tired of not seeing results from just chiropractic and even from my massages I was getting.

So I changed what I was doing. I became geared towards athletes and getting results. I *love* getting results with my clients.

And once I changed what I was doing in my sessions, I started getting a SPORTS massage. It made ALL the difference.

My sports sessions that I give (and get!) focus on resistive stretching, reducing soreness, increasing range of motion, and decreasing pain. THIS will get you results, no matter HOW you choose to workout!

It’s great for runners, Olympic lifters, Crossfitters, Swimmers, and everyone in between! It’s great for my desk & weekend warriors. It’s great for the gym rat who works out 3 times a day. THIS system works.

And THAT’s why I chose Massage Therapy- to help people get the results they needed!


If you’re ready to get real results from your therapy, click the button below to book your appointment with me today!


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