Dear Client,

I am a massage therapist.  I went to school for a year and have been practicing for 4 years now, running my own studio. I absolutely LOVE my job and one of the main reasons is you.

But there’s something I need you to know. Something that every good therapist wants you to know. Are you ready?

When you go in to get a massage, they lead you into a private treatment room and they go through their speil. They’re all a little different but at some point the therapist tells you to undress to your comfort level.

I see it in your eyes, the panic, wondering what is an acceptable level of comfort. And then instantly thinking of being completely undressed for your therapist to see. You’re thinking of your unshaved legs, your hairy armpits, your back hair, your blackened Summer feet, your unpainted toenails.

I see these thoughts spiral through your mind at a break-neck speed and here is what I want you to know: I don’t care.

I don’t say that just to make you more comfortable. I don’t say that because I’m “supposed” to. I’m telling you I do not care. Your flaws are what make you YOU.

If we were all the same, life would be so boring.

Your stretch marks tell me that you have beautiful children you love or have gone through some other amazing changes in your body. Your cracked toenail paint and blackened Summer feet tell me you’ve been running around, enjoying nature. Your hair doesn’t bother me, it’s natural, same as what’s on top of your head. On and on, but the point is still the same. I don’t care about your imperfections.

I’ve had people cry, telling me their life story. We stopped and I let them cry or talk it out or we kept working while they collected themselves.

I’ve had people fall asleep and that happens often. That’s okay!

I’ve had people talk from the time they walk through my door to the time they left.  I’ve had people drool. I’ve had people laugh uncontrollably. I’ve had people who are ticklish on their feet or ribs and we can’t work there. I’ve had people who had sinus issues and needed to roll over before I was done working an area.

To you, and to all those people, I say: So what?

For that hour or more that you are on the table, my job is to take care of you and teach you to take care of yourself.  I choose to do that through results based massage therapy.

That means all of the flaws that are swirling your brain don’t matter to me. The color of your skin doesn’t matter. Your background and cultures, none of it will get you turned away.

All that matters is you have the same muscles and bones as everyone else because when I’m working on you, that’s my main focus.

My job isn’t to judge your body or your background or your skin. My job is to help you get results through manual therapy.

So the next time you get the spiel, don’t panic. I’m here to help!

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