You know your body…so LISTEN to it:

Taking care of yourself is important to both of us, so if you have a fever or are feeling a cold coming on, notify us and we’ll be happy to reschedule for a later day.

Late Arrival Policy:

We do not double book our sessions. The time you schedule is set aside specifically for you. Therefore we ask that if you are more than 15 minutes late it’s best you re-schedule your session ASAP by calling or texting your therapist.

Cancellation Policy:

Our time is just as valuable as yours so we do ask for a 12 hour cancellation notice either by phone, email, text or via the online scheduler. If notice is not given or you do not show to your appointment, a fee of $50 will be billed to you or applied to your next service, as well as loss of any gift certificate or voucher, at the company’s discretion. If your therapist cannot keep your appointment, all efforts will be made to book you with another therapist first before we reschedule your appointment.

“No-shows” will be called to reschedule. Clients with two no-shows will be asked to pay in cash for the therapists time in advance of any further treatments with no refunds or credit being given for any subsequent no-shows.

Confidentiality Policy:

All intake forms, medical notes and conversations with Mad Hatter Massage are held in strict confidentiality within the guidelines of Georgia State Law and only provided with client’s written consent.

General Polices:

At Mad Hatter Massage, our promise to you is to have clean materials, EVERY client EVERY time. You get a clean set of sheets, a clean set of hot or cold stones and a clean face mask. Anything that has touched another client, including the tops of the lotion bottles are cleaned after every session. Pets are never allowed. Children under 18 cannot fill out intake forms. Parents must stay with their children (under 16) at all times when they receive massage. Children 16-18 may receive massage with parents written consent when parent is not on premises on a case by case basis only when the therapist feels that it is appropriate. Written consent must be given directly to therapist by parent with valid photo ID.


A thorough intake will be done by your therapist prior to your massage. Home instructions, further appointments and referrals may be made if necessary. No product or service will ever be recommended outside of your best interest. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason that indicates we cannot serve you appropriately or our safety is at risk. Clients with Shingles, poison ivy/oak, using testosterone cream and or recently vaccinated with smallpox/chickenpox cannot receive massage. Other illnesses and/or medications may also indicate caution or preclude massage. Clients are also asked to not consume alcohol prior to massage.

Sexual Misconduct Policy:

Mad Hatter Massage is a place of business. Any sexual remarks, advances or illicit gestures will result in immediate termination of the session, client will be held liable for cost of session and reports will be filed with the local police.


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