When this project started I was bouncing ideas off my far away friend during one of our many late night conversations and as I was researching, I came across one and I thought “This is her.”  And when I asked her to share her story, she did not hesitate.

In getting to know Trish, she has been such a positive influence on me as a person and in my business, often offering up free advice when I needed it and more times than not a listening ear.  She does this while building her own business, raising her own kids, being a wife, dog mom, and just in general crazy awesome.  Her story is an inspiration and I cannot wait to share it with you.  Literally, I can’t.  That’s why I am sharing hers first.

This Mantra speaks volumes to my life! I, and I alone, and responsible for my destiny.

Two days before Christmas 2017, my house caught fire and the back half of it was gutted.

My husband and I made the decision to stay on our property in a camper trailer with our three children (10, 9, and 1). The sole reason for this was because his grandmother, who lives next door, has been battling cancer and being able to see our children every day has helped keep her spirits up. This decision would set in motion a ridiculous adventure of frustration and stories to last us years.

In order to save you some time, I will give you the condensed version of our life for the next 8 months. After the fire we had to rehome our beloved Great Dane as she needed more than we could provide. We decided to keep our little tiny terrier as he would be able to move easily in our current living situation. The day after we moved into the trailer the dog, still spooked by being stuck in the house during the fire, ran off and was hit and killed by a car.

My kids brought home lice from school. My middle son got a nasty case of ringworm from wrestling. The stomach flu hit my husband and me. A propane tank (for heat for the trailer) rolled out of the back of my car and broke my foot on Easter. At this point we are still in the camper.

So recap, dead dog, lice, ringworm, stomach flu, and broken foot ALL in the camper all in about 3 months. Oh, and we had to celebrate my daughter’s 1st birthday in the stinky camper.

We did this for 8 months.

There were times that I wanted to punch everyone and cry and yell. I didn’t though. I kept it together, for the most part. It didn’t matter where we lived, we were together.

During this time I was also trying to build my business. My house had a designated workspace/office where I could work in peace and be productive. My office was now reduced to a camper trailer recliner next to the window. Most sane people would have closed up shop and gone to get an outside job.

I refused. I was in charge and I didn’t want my business to be another casualty of the fire. I worked my tail off, hustled hard, and during the chaos I was able to double my business! Our temporary, chaotic life was NOT going to keep me from achieving my business goals. I wanted to show my kids that circumstance does not dictate success.

I am the architect of my life.

Jones Business Solutions was built for the small business owner who needs help, but doesn’t know where the help is needed. My primary client focus is the fitness industry and the small studios whose owners need to focus on their clients. I started my business with 1 client and have built it up to 10 with no cap in sight!
Fun Fact: I was almost 30 before I saw Star Wars. (Guys, she’s not lying.  My mind was absolutely blown by this.)
Check her out at www.jonesbusinesssolutions.co

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