When I first started to plan my Small Business Weekend sales, I knew that I wanted to put together a list of reasons why it was better to shop small than running out to Target.  But more than that I wanted to talk to you guys about shopping small with your health and wellness too. 


I started by interviewing over 12 business owners who own companies from Etsy stores to online shops to brick and mortar stores.  

  1. You beat the traffic.
  2. No crowds!
  3. No jacked up prices!
  4. The money stays local
  5. Pours money back into the economy
  6. Unique, one of a kind items
  7.  Helps cut down on unnecessary spending (you aren’t caught up by the register where they put the crap your kids will BEG you for!)
  8.  Better customer service.
  9.  You’re supporting the American Dream. 
  10. You get a higher quality of product. 
  11.  You deal with a real person for questions & concerns and they can use their expertise to help you.
  12.  If you are a business owner and you don’t shop small, how you can you expect anyone else to?


And all of those things are true.  When you order from me, you are putting money in my pockets to do things like send my daughter to Ballet and Gymnastics and my son to art camps.  You are helping my children to pursue their passions (got deep on you there for a second).  


The money I make pays the bills, makes my kids dreams come true, and occasionally makes some of mine come true as well. 


When you shop local, you are doing so many wonderful things that you may not even consider.

But when it comes to massage therapy, there are some basic principles that apply (like no crowded mall parking lots!) but there are other things too. 


  1. You get a custom session built to YOUR needs, not a cookie cutter massage. 
  2. You get time blocked out just for YOU.  This is your session, I don’t double book or have a packed waiting room when you get there. 
  3. I have your best interests at heart because you are more than just another subscription for me.
  4.  No crowded parking lots! 
  5.  No trying to sell you expensive packages.
  6. One on one consultations that help determine exactly how my particular brand of massage can help your issues and/or reach your goals. 
  7. I want to help you reach your goals, not just pet you like a dog. 
  8. I offer a flat-rate session to give you the best of both worlds- relaxation & pain relief- with results based therapy.  
  9. I keep learning, going over the 25 hour requirement every two years.  (Last time I renewed with 68 hours of continuing education.) 
  10. I truly have your best interests at heart and see you as a person, not a dollar sign.
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