Told y’all February was a big month!  We kicked it off with Kids’ Mental Health Resources, celebrated Red Heart Day, launched our 30 day self care, hosted an International Day of Girls & Women in Science event, talked all about National Entrepreneuer’s Week, and told you all about Fairy Tales (well, we will, on the 26th). 


But now I’m coming to you with something different, another cause that’s near and dear to my heart.  Reading.  


March 2nd is Read Across America Day and we are hosting a Book Drive here at Mad Hatter from Saturday the 20th to March 2nd.  And on March 2nd (as always, I’ll be reading to some kiddos somewhere), we are launching our Mad Hatter’s Book Club. This is something I have wanted to offer for a while and I can finally announce it’s time!  I am so delighted to be able to bring this to you guys and be able to share the love of reading with you and your families. 

Each month there will be a book for adults and a book for kids.  These are all geared towards wellness in one form or another and I will have links for you to be able to buy them (if you so choose) shared with you a few weeks before so it can arrive in time.  


We ask that to be a member, you make a minimum monthly donation of $5 to your favorite charitable organization.  For the month of February, I donated to three of our local organizations that offer support to the families of children with cancer here in Chattanooga.  In March, I will donate to a literacy fund (to find the top 18 check out this blog:


Our first book will be First, We Make the Beast Beautiful and you can get it here:


And for the kiddos,  Ruby finds a Worry: and Help Your Dragon Deal With Anxiety  (both of which are great series!) 


You can also find these titles at your local library (which hopefully have reopened by now!) or used bookstore.  


To join the Mad Hatter’s Book Club, all you have to do is send us a message and we will get you added to the Facebook Group.  As always, thanks for y’all’s support! 

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