As promised, here’s your breakdown of March’s events, our challenge, book & product review, and a couple of updates.  

So to kick it off, we started March off by kicking off our Book Club! The book for this month is First, We Make The Beast Beautiful.  (To get your copy go to and for a review I did of the book go to: ) I truly loved this book and sung its praises.  I also found a video of Sarah introducing the book and it’s included in the blog! 

International Women’s Day is coming up Monday the 8th and I can’t wait to see all the excellent posts about some truly amazing women.  I have several in my life and cherish each one, I hope you do too. 

We have a few events coming up that can be found on our Eventbrite page at: so head over and grab your tickets (most of the events are at no or low cost to you!) We have most of the events for the entire year of 2021 up right now.  They can also be found on our Facebook Page. 

We have our Daddy Darling Tea Party on the 13th, World Storytelling Day on the 20th, and Earth Hour on the 27th.  

National Hydration Week is coming up the 15th through the 20th and we will be sharing different ways to keep you hydrated, especially if you aren’t overly fond of plain H2O.  


Which leads us to this month’s challenge.  We have our Reading Challenge & Drink Your Water Challenge & our Spring Activity Challenge which are on our Website on the Challenges Page.  You have to be a member to view these and you can sign up here: (LINK) These can all be completed and turned in for prizes!  You’ll be able to find all the information over on the site.  


This month’s book review is The ONE Thing (this will be next month’s book for the book club! You can find it at this link:


You can find the Review here: 


And the product that I tried out this month is a Liquid IV.  (Find it on our website:  or in the office for a sample.) I am not a fan of plain water, but I have some really incredible clients who like to share cool stuff with me.  Once she brought me a sample of Liquid IV, I immediately sent them an EMail to see what I needed to do to bring this stuff to you guys.  It’s perfect for people like me who don’t drink enough water but are active, or people who sweat a ton- especially during the Summer.  There are a ton of flavors and options.  We have a Hydration, Energy, and Sleep line.  And since we’ve been talking about Routines this month, I have definitely added Hydration and Sleep to my daily routine and I love it.  Great taste, easy to use, and affordable.  Overall, what’s not to love?

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