This review is pretty short and sweet.  I truly enjoyed reading The ONE thing and I devoured it within less than 3 days.  I shared some high points below.  

Why am I telling you this?  It’s not woe is me, I promise.  I actually have a point so you can put your tiny violin away.

I was sitting here taking this training to improve my business to better help my clients.  Yesterday happened because my business is improving, because I am improving.

And I realized some things about my business that I wanted to share with you.

  • The key points are already highlighted.  And as a chronic highlighter & underliner, I absolutely loved this.  
  • There are drawings, illustrations, and a very clear breakdown.  
  • Part of the closing is “putting it to work” and the different areas of your life where you can.
  • I love books with action steps and bite-sized breakdowns and get completely actionable immediately.  
  • The theme continues beautifully, flawlessly, and unfailingly throughout.  
  • After the first 100 pages, there’s an example of something that reminded me of an episode of the Office.  Michael Scott is in a room with the board before they sell out and he sits down and says “okay, so we need a plan to do this.  How do we get there?” and tries to reverse engineer a plan backward from the end goal.  
  • They also discuss one of Dickens’ classics.  I love work that takes lessons from the classics and reframes them in a beautiful and actionable way.  And in this case, it’s that our purpose determines who we are. 
  • Dr. Martin Seligan, the past president of the American Psychological Association, believes there are five factors that contribute to our happiness: positive emotion and pleasure, achievement, relationships, engagement, and meaning.  Of these, he believes engagement and meaning are the most important. 

To get your copy go to

If you’ve read it let me know what you thought.  And if you plan to read it, drop a comment below letting me know!  (P.S. it’s our April Mad Hatter Book Club Book!)

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