September is National Growth Mindset Month as well as National Yoga Month and I love that they can go hand in hand.  

We wanted to kick off the month with some awesome Journal Prompts to get you started.  We can’t wait to hear which ones are your favorites! 

The first 5 Prompts came from The Daring English Teacher and are specifically designed for our kiddos in school of all ages.  

Growth Mindset Writing Prompts for the Classroom.

  1. Do you believe that you have a fixed or growth mindset? Explain.


  1. Write about one of the biggest mistakes you’ve ever made. What important lessons did you learn from that mistake? How did making that mistake help improve who you are today?


  1. Write about a time when you accomplished something that you didn’t think you could. What did you learn from the experience?


  1. Write about one of your long-term goals in life. What is the goal and what are you doing each day to make sure you accomplish that goal?


  1. Many times we doubt ourselves and don’t believe in ourselves. Why do you think this is so? What can you do to believe in yourself?

(check out the full post here: 



The next 105 came from KidsnClicks and I almost couldn’t choose, but I’ll share my favorite 12 here with you and let you choose your own!  

1.Write down your short-term goals and something you can do each day to move you closer to them.  

  1. Name 3 people who always inspire you. 
  2. What can you do to excel from where you are right now?
  3. What type of self-care activities do you enjoy doing?
  4. What are your top 3 goals to finish out the year? How about for next year?
  5. What can you do to make your morning more productive?
  6. Write down the type of support system you currently have. What support system do you need that will help you grow to become the person you want to be?
  7. What (or who) drains your energy?  How can you stop those energy leaks?
  8. What are the things that you keep you up at night? How real are those things? What actions can you take to stop worrying about those things?
  9. Which social media apps should you delete so you stop wasting time in your life?
  10. What new skills would you like to learn?  Where can you go to do that?
  11. How would you describe yourself to someone you have never met?

(Here’s the link to the full list: 


We challenge you to take 5-10 minutes to journal these prompts each day this month!  Comment below or email me which ones you’ll be using!

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